It all started with the simple honey bee …


It all started early in 2018 with an interest in honey bees …

Let There Bee is a family that is committed to delivering pure raw honey and high quality natural bee products, and the ethical removal and translocation of African Honey Bees.

All family members are registered Beekeepers with Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF).


Poisoning bees is illegal!  Registered beekeepers, with specialized equipment can help.  Bee removals are done by removing and re-homing bees.  This process is done at night and the comb and brood are repacked and the hive is moved to a safe location.  

What our clients are saying

Absolutely loved the honey!!! Very tasty honey. Love the array of products. Great people and great service.

Annemarie Rittmann

The best tasting honey ever, and their tea tree balm is a must have!

Dalene Du Plessis Baxter

Thank you, Clark Family, for your kindness, helpfulness and patience with my bee issue!

Barbara Scholten